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Default Re: Gingrich says possible Supreme Court battle over Trump tax returns will show whet

Originally Posted by jimbo View Post
What is it about the tax returns? Other than Trump bad. There is nothing in the law requiring anyone release their return to anybody for any reason. The reverse is true.

The issue will never reach the SCOTUS.
Indeed the Trump tax returns have already been audited by the IRS and accepted. Democrats tried to make Trump's refusal to release his returns a disqualification, the voters thought otherwise. But the Resistance demands Trump's destruction by any means necessary including gunning up some phony tax problem to strip the Trump organization and the President of their wealth as an object lesson to anyone thinking of defying the political orthodoxy.

The opposition to Kavanaugh's confirmation was motivated in the short term by Resistance hatred but the long term objective was to preserve the SCOTUS as a super legislature for Progressive ideas that couldn't be passed by Congress due to lack of support.

As long as there were so-called centrists willing to go along with the hard core Leftists the SCOTUS could be counted on to conjure up new rights found only in the penumbra and to pervert the 14th amendment's guarantee of equal treatment into a license to force compliance with the wishes of special interest groups. Unfortunately originalist sounding nominees have turned out to be willing participants in this corruption as justices.

Gingrich laid down a marker for assessing Kavanaugh's performance as a justice. Democrats love to strut about pompously declaring the Court must be free of partisan politics so it can validate their extra Constitutional demands. But the prospect of the SCOTUS denying the Resistance lynch mob access to Trump's tax returns sets off endless braying about the sacred right to know.
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