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Default Re: Multiple people dead, three police officers shot at Pittsburgh synagogue; suspect

Originally Posted by saltwn View Post
excuse me; perhaps you don't know the history of conspiracy theories about Jews. Want to rule the world, already do rule the world, want to undermine governments with Zionist plots.
None of which are about Soros.

con theories about Soros are he has an agenda to remake the country/ world.
Libs say the same **** about the Koch brothers. Soros is nothing more than the lib's kock brothers. He is a rich lib who funds lib causes.

also that he's a nazi. nazi propaganda often accuses people of what they themselves are guilty. ..
So yeah. very dangerous rhetoric and our president spouts it.

*oooh, the leaves are swirling down outside my window, the wind must be blowing outside. beautiful
but the sky is grayer.
I guess it's Autumn.

A conspiracy about one person is not a conspiracy on the whole group that person happens to be part of. Liberals spewing conspiracies about the president doesn't make them true. Just like the pizzagate conspiracy isn't a conspiracy against all rich white women, old women or all democrats. Its a conspiracy about Clinton. Trying to make it about a whole is nothing more than a blatant dishonest tactic.
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