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Default Re: Political Cartoon Thread

Originally Posted by mr wonder View Post

so I guess some on the right, who aren't neo-nazi or kkk, DO thinks it's Ok to run over protesters.
Just like the white supremacist James Feilds in Charlottesville.
So i guess Antifa aren't the only violent players or the only ones promoting poltical violence.

hmph, well, imagine that.

and of course that killing protesters sticker (killing American citizens exercising their rights like good terrorist) is A-OK and all in good FUN,
but of course peacefully knelling at the nation anthem during a ballgame is simply to much to for real Americans bare.

NO ONE thinks it's OK...It's called "humor"..

What's next?...Get rid of the "Don't Tread On Me" flag because people have died from snake bites?...

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