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Default Mueller’s team interviewed Rosenstein over the summer

Ever wonder about Mueller's seemingly endless scope for his witch hunt? In addition to process crimes he is able to prosecute 12 year old tax evasion offenses, act as a counter intelligence agency, and dragoon DOJ district prosecutors into doing his bidding all without even a pretense of oversight or impartiality. Mueller's so-called overseer, Rod Rosenstein, even refuses to documentation of the detailed scoping of the investigation claiming doing so would taint the probe with political influence.

It's no mystery although it is underreported how Mueller was able to turn his nominal probe of Russian collusion and election interference into a campaign to destroy Trump and his administration. In the summer of 2017 his team "interviewed" his boss.

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s team interviewed Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein over the summer about President Donald Trump’s decision to fire FBI Director James Comey, according to a person briefed on the encounter.

Since the interview, which happened two to three months ago, Rosenstein has continued to oversee Mueller’s sprawling Russia-related probe, this person said, despite Rosenstein’s role in the Comey firing and critics’ call for him to recuse himself from the investigation.
Got that? Rosenstein is at risk of being prosecuted by the same special council he is supposed to supervise. It's a textbook conflict of interest that without Resistance cheering would result in dismissal for both. But instead, it's look the other way.

A Justice Department spokesman declined to discuss the interview, but confirmed that Rosenstein remains the department official with ultimate responsibility for the probe.

"As the Deputy Attorney General has said numerous times, if there comes a time when he needs to recuse, he will. However, nothing has changed,” DOJ spokesman Ian Prior said.
The overseer becomes a subject of the investigation but "nothing's changed " . Trust us.
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