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Default Re: Bin Laden raid commander resigns from Pentagon board after criticizing Trump

Originally Posted by cnredd View Post
If he really said that Brennan was "one of the finest public servants" he’d "ever known.", he should've resigned long ago...and put in therapy...

Just like Woodward and McCain, the media treats Brennan as some guy who is underservedly treated badly NOW that he's on the other side of Trump...

...But here's the Washington Post from 2014...Calling for Brennan's FIRING (which Obama should've done)...

Obama should fire John Brennan
Agency employees were attempting to discover how congressional aides had obtained a secret CIA internal report on the interrogation program.

translation:don't fvck with the CIA

And don't go to the W times for news; you will get twisted drivel
I'd check another news source on this ; a real one
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