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Default Re: New GOP tax cuts would add $3.8 trillion to deficit, says report

The issue of taxes, revenue, deficits and debt is a difficult issue marred by Pols, Presidents and those who provide money for their elections. Budgets are plans, and plans need to be reviewed over the term of the budgets life.

[Until Trump showed up in the White House, I always advocated POTUS ought to be provided the line-item veto, as do many State Governors. I still believe it to be a good idea, but not until Trump leaves office. I doubt we will make a fourth mistake, Arnold in CA., Jesse in Minn., and Trump; all totally inexperienced in governance and all proof that the Peter Principle has merit]

But I digress.

Notwithstanding the politics of budgeting and the SC ruling on the line-item veto, a process needs to be established wherein the party or parties who establish a budget are held accountable by the voters.

The problems being the difficulty in something so massive as the Federal Budget, and the squabble for each Senator to get their share of the Pork for their State, and each member of the H. or Rep. do get pork for their district. And than their are the Governors, Mayors and lobbyists.

It's time to limit the cooks.

All of this leads to this question for the reader:

Q. Who, what and how do we establish a budget without the clutter of demands from so many; who gets to establish the priorities, and who gets the blue pen before the vote in Congress
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