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Default Re: Cities Sue Trump for Violating Constitution With Latest Effort to Upend Obamacare

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Originally Posted by Wry Catcher View Post
I support "feelgood" over callous disregard for families. Whether a suit of this nature fails or not opens the discussion over the appointment of the nominee currently being consider for the Supreme Court.

That's probably why the media didn't report on the children in cages while Obama was POTUS. They didn't want anyone to feel bad.

But under Trump they DO want you to feel bad, as long as the bad feeling is directed at Trump.

It must really piss you guys off that the media does that to you.
I guess it is worth it though, after all, the hatred is consolidated, and directed at Trump, and at any one that doesn't hate him.
There is no evidence that a federal judge ordered President Obama on any issue related to his border security efforts. Once again a Trump supporter echoes attacks on President Obama as if they are defense for Trump's callous disregard for families, and the order by a Federal Judge.

What any prior President did or not do is irrelevant to the issue of Trumpism. It is unique in all respects to his previous predecessors; his behavior is erratic which is indisputable, and inexplicable without a comprehensive psychological workup by an independent professional.

Megalomania in the President of the United States, the remarks thus far leaked by Woodward and Anonymous, and his obsession with Sessions and the deep state conspiracy, suggest the 25th Amendment is not out of left field.
"When injustice become law, Resistence becomes duty"

IDIOT-GRAM: A phrase or sentence which lacks substance, thought or is thought provoking.
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