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Default Re: Iran To Begin Uranium Enrichment If Nuclear Deal Falls Through

Originally Posted by ShivaTD View Post
Yes, the IAEA is limited to known locations that produce and store nuclear materials and must have evidence to support inspections at locations that have never been used to store or process nuclear fuel. With that evidence they can present a petition to inspect the site.

Of importance though is the fact that if Iran refuses to provide access, based upon the evidence the IAEA has, the IAEA can revoke certification with the JCPOA.

So far, to my knowledge, the IAEA does not have any evidence of Iran storing or processing nuclear materials outside of the areas specified in the JCPOA.

Do you have that evidence and if so then you should probably submit it to the US State Department that can forward it to the IAEA.
How do you propose to find evidence if you are not allowed to look for evidence?
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