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Default Re: Explaining Medicare for All with Donuts

I know exactly how to reduce the cost of healthcare.

Let doctors and hospitals refuse to treat any person that doesn't have the means to pay for their care. Be that having medical insurance or simply just paying out of pocket.
Of course, doctors with a private practice are more than welcome to provide their services for free is they so desire.

I ask everybody that is not in the medical profession,
do you think it would be right for you to be forced to provide your services and skill to anybody that showed up on your doorstep requesting your services if they can't pay you for your services and skills?
Tell me your profession and tell me that you would provide your services for free for people that failed to knowingly pay for your services simply because they could.

Back in the 1600's, 1700's and 1800's we had a term for forcing a person to perform labor and services for free. It was called slavery. The 13th amendment was supposed to abolish slavery.

Last I looked, nobody can walk into the doughnut shop and get free doughnuts. We don't enslave the doughnut maker because of his skill.
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