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Default Re: Facing Threat Of Jail Time, Faithful Phoenix Artists Appeal To Court

Originally Posted by saltwn View Post
by my reading of the article or your posts, I still don't understand if they are getting paid or compensated (ad type promotion) for their art.
lets put it this way.
Christian Joe has a t-shirt printing shop and also has printed t-shirts for sale in his store. One shirt is of a dog with a hat.
one day 2 demonstrative homosexuals comes in and say.
"we want to buy that shirt."
Christian Joe says "GREAT, here you go."
sale made.

next week 5 demonstrative homosexuals come in and say
"we want to buy 20 shirts just like that dog shirt but with a CAT on it. can you do it Christian Joe?"
Christian Joe say "YES!. Great."
makes the sale.

the next week 2 of the same people enter the store and asks Christian Joe
"please print up 30 shirts for the "Gays Against God"...GAG... rally that we're the promoters for."
Christian Joe says,
"nope sorry. I'm not printing that. no sale. how about a Horse with a hat shirt instead?"
Bottom line, Christian Joe does NOT have a problem selling his work or services to homosexuals as a group or individually. But Christian Joe does have a problem selling items or services for projects, events or ideas that Christian Joe considers sinful or offensive.
You can't be compelled into speech you don't agree with.
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