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Default Re: Ex-professor accused of hitting Trump supporters with bike lock at 'free speech'


Changed the thread title away from the partisan BS "The Tolerant Left Strikes Again" to the actual article title...

Forum Rules, people!...

Here's the rule.

5. Copyright. You may NOT submit/post any writing, pictures or any other information ("works") on our forum if by doing so you would violate the intellectual property rights of a third party. Chances are that if you did not create the works yourself --or they are not widely known as being in the public domain -- someone else has copyright protection in those works. It is your responsibility to post works that are not in violation of federal, state and international intellectual property laws. Consistent with Section 2, above, will not be responsible for your infringement.
In other words, the author (or editors of the site) came up with the title of the source so credit should be given by using that same title.

An exception to that rule would be where the poster wishes to talk about something further down in the article unrelated to the article's main thrust.

But in any case, the title of a thread where an article is posted should NEVER do any of the following.

1) Personally attack individual members or a group of members for their political or personal beliefs.

2) Meant to inflame instead of debate

3) Is vague on the thread's reason for existing. ("I Told You So" and "Check This Out" are NOT reasonable thread titles).

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