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Default Re: Obstruction of justice bombshell will explode before midterms

Originally Posted by saltwn View Post
notice my opening comment:

However, it's not looking good for our boy here his twitter rants and lying rally speeches only further the proof he's scared as hell. His own national security advisers went out and refuted everything he says about Russian election meddling. either to make sure they 're in the clear when the chips fly , or a half azzed attempt at reassuring the American people while telling them the truth-a job that HE, as commander in chief- ought to be doing.
Mueller is not going to issue a report to Congress suggesting Trump obstructed justice based on tweets or because he questions the conclusions of intelligence agencies. A so-called investigation that claimed the President obstructed justice by exercising his first amendment rights to criticize the weaponization of the special counsel's office and held a President "guilty" for disagreeing with a subordinate agency in the executive branch would vividly confirm Mueller's sham probe as a witchhunt.

A Mueller report with patently false accusations of obstruction issued as an October surprise would immediately energize Republican voter turnout. That's exactly the opposite of what the Resistance media has been campaigning to do, shame Republicans into not voting via a smear campaign. The last thing Democrats want to do is be forced to defend Mueller's witchhunt and impeachment in swing districts.

There has been a constant refrain claiming the Trump administration is doing nothing to protect the mid term elections from the Russian boogeyman. Yet when senior administration officials hold a press event to dispel the myth it's spun up as demonstrating a split within the administration. It's the same old propaganda spin, Trump is said to be neglecting something then when it's demonstrated the criticism is false it's claimed it's being done in spite of Trump. Of course the Resistance media covers its propagandizing by braying that Trump is the liar.
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