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Default Feds probing Tony Podesta, Obama lawyer, ex-rep on foreign lobbying after Mueller ref

In an attempt to save face witch hunter Mueller has apparently referred the case of three unregistered foreign lobbyists to his branch office in the Southern district of NY. In addition to an unlimited budget of his own the special persecutor can dragoon Federal prosecutors in other districts.

The U.S. Attorney's office in Manhattan is investigating whether three prominent Washington power players engaged in illegal foreign lobbying, after Special Counsel Robert Mueller's office referred the matter to federal prosecutors, according to a source with knowledge of the matter.

Those under investigation include Tony Podesta, a Democratic lobbyist and co-founder of the onetime lobbying powerhouse the Podesta Group; Vin Weber, a former GOP congressman from Minnesota; and attorney Greg Craig, who worked in the Clinton White House and served as White House counsel for the Obama administration.

Tony Podesta was already known to be ensnared in potential legal problems, having stepped down from his firm last year amid scrutiny from the special counsel probe. His brother John Podesta ran Hillary Clinton's 2016 failed presidential bid.

The source confirmed that Tony Podesta, Craig and Weber are suspected of failing to register as foreign agents, and that Mueller referred the matter to the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York earlier this year.

More than a year after his office indicted Manafort on the same set of facts Mueller ships off the case involving Democrat super lobbyist Tony Podesta to a Federal district office while retaining control of Manafort's case. It's a lose, lose situation for Mueller's inquisition. If the Southern district declines to prosecute, given Podesta's connections the most likely scenario, it undercuts Mueller's decision to prosecute Manafort. If they prosecute, it exposes Mueller's partisan agenda in not referring Manafort's case to the appropriate district. Of course the Resistance will never recognize the obvious political bias at work here.
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