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Default Re: Trump Calls On Jeff Sessions To Stop Mueller Investigation

trump cannot 'get sessions to fire Mueller"
sessions recused himself. trump has badgered and badmouthed his own attny gen for being an honorable man

Where do you come up with this crap Salty?

Trump most certainly has the authority to fire Mueller. Session's recusal is irrelevant to the exercise of that executive power.

As it was with Clinton,,,; The Office of Special Prosecutor has been corrupted beyond it's purpose, and beyond the constitutional protections afforded every American. Be afraid America, your personal freedoms now depend on whom you call your friend and whom you politically support. Stick a fork in. We are done.

Alan Dershowitz said that, “Special Counsel Robert Mueller is hoping that Paul Manafort will opt to testify against the president, rather than face a lengthy prison sentence.”

Doesn’t that bother the members of Congress sitting on the House and Senate Judiciary Committees? That our government weaponized its criminal justice system to specifically target the president and in the process, are destroying American citizens for selective and political reasons.

Perhaps because they’ve never been through it, or never known anyone that has. Perhaps they don’t give a damn as long as it suits their political needs and agenda?

Cohen, Flynn, and Manafort were targeted for political reasons, and that should scare the hell out of every American in our country, no matter what color you are, how you vote, or how wealthy you are, and something must be done to stop it.

It’s time for the U.S. Attorney General to stop this madness, and create internal policies to prevent it from happening in the future, and if for some reason, he cannot get the job done, that the president must find someone that can.

Paul Manafort is facing 365 years, in solitary confinement, accused of false information on a loan application. All because he is a friend of the President. So much for the Constitution.

Which of us is next?

Since Sessions put himself "in irons" by his recusal on anything "Russian" there is no reason Trump cannot honorably replace him. He should, with Thanks, and soon.

Trey Gowdy is available.
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