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Default Re: ROBINSON FREED: thanks supporters as he walks free from prison...

I was so glad to learn of this today! He basically had no trial and apparently went before an activist judge who sentenced him to prison even though he didn't commit a crime (except perhaps under Sharia law, which is NOT UK law).

Here are some details from an email I received from Rebel Media this morning:

The court of appeal, led by the Lord Chief Justice himself, ruled that Tommy’s conviction of contempt of court, back in May in Leeds, was legally improper.

I have now had a chance to go through the court’s detailed reasons. They are stunning. It is an absolute vindication of Tommy — and a devastating rebuke to the injustices he has suffered!

The court found that:

* Tommy should not have been put on trial that same day
* Tommy’s lawyer did not have proper time to prepare his case
* the judge in Leeds never clearly presented what Tommy had allegedly done wrong
* the judge did not watch the entire video of Tommy, that supposedly was proof of his contempt
* the judge did not follow the criminal procedure rules
* the sentence was disproportionate; and
* Tommy’s treatment in prison was inappropriate

It was staggering. Everything Tommy has ever said about the system being unfairly rigged against him was proved true — by no-one less than the Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales!

The court said the entire Leeds contempt hearing has to be done again — but it’s not certain that the Attorney General will even choose to do that, given how badly they’ve been trounced today.

I will continue to file reports about this at, and I expect to interview Tommy himself later today or tomorrow — obviously I want to let him reconnect with his family, first.
It's so nice to see that justice was finally done in this case.
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