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Default Warning: DO NOT install the latest version of CCleaner

A month ago, I wrote about how I felt Avast was ruining CCleaner, the excellent system cleaning software it took over when it acquired Piriform last year.

In Avast's short tenure, we've already seen CCleaner suffer from malware, bundled software, and pop-up ads. In my article headline I asked "whatís next?" Well, with a new version of CCleaner available to download, we now have the answer. Inevitably, it's not good.

When you run the updated version, youíll notice some worrying changes -- active monitoring refuses to stay turned off, and the privacy settings have been removed in the free version. Avast has also stopped users from being able to quit the software -- yes, really.

If you go into Options and select Monitoring, you can toggle off 'Enable system monitoring' and then turn off Active Monitoring (you canít turn off the latter without first disabling the former). The problem is, for many people it simply re-enables itself when you restart the program, or after a reboot.

If you click on the corner X to close CCleaner, it now simply minimizes to the system tray. Right-click the icon down there and the only things you can do are open CCleaner, run it, or open Options. Thereís no entry to allow you to exit the software.

That means, for most users, CCleaner will run continually in the background, reporting back to Avast. Given that CCleaner is a tool that most people only usually occasionally -- when a system clean is long overdue usually -- switching the behavior so it runs permanently makes little sense.

Ghacks suggests you try the following workaround:

Disable the monitoring in CCleaner.
Disable the startup item of the application (don't delete it because it will be recreated automatically).
Forcefully terminate CCleaner using the Task Manager or third-party process management software.

see link for privacy concerns and more
I've had zero problems I can tell of
Trumpís only true skill is the con; his only fundamental belief is that the United States is the birthright of straight, white, Christian men, and his only real, authentic pleasure is in cruelty. It is that cruelty, and the delight it brings them, that binds his most ardent supporters to him, in shared scorn for those they hate and fear: immigrants, black voters, feminists, and treasonous white men who empathize with any of those who would steal their birthright.~Serwer|The Atlantic
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