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Default Re: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Originally Posted by Bat View Post
It's not just PW, I see it on other message boards and even in the comment sections of Yahoo.
The right of leftist folks all find her entertaining and not the least bit intimidating.
She is running in a district that no Republican has a chance in hell of winning so it is very likely that she will end up as a Representative in the US House.

As for people that try to claim that she isn't a media darling, think about this....
435 US HOR seats are up for grabs. Every seat has at least two candidates. Ms Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gets more national press than all candidates from the other 434 seats combined. The vast majority of that media coverage is positive.
Oh she's got the district sewn up, IMO she will win. But she owes her star rising to not only the media but the laziness of Joe Crowley too. Like a certain 2016 democratic POTUS candidate he felt the district was his birthright.

Right now she only appears on friendly media and even that has exposed her lack of depth quickly. I'd hazard a guess that the only chance she will really get to let her true colors fly is on the job and at the microphone of congress. And of course can't wait to see what kind of legislation she gets about.
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