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Default Re: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Originally Posted by Schochite View Post
As can be pointed to in several threads here at PW a lot of people that lean more towards the center and the right want Ocasio-Cortez to have as much "air time" and chance to expose her oh so deeply thought through arguments and so called philosophies as possible. This is the opposite of fear, but I can tell posters like Shiva and always obtuse Saltwn sure don't want that. They'd be required to post twice as much trying to rationalize Ocasio-Cortez's many blunders, misunderstandings of history and fake poor girl done good story than they already do. It could get to be quite a lot of work for them.

You've seen how well they are able to perform defending this privileged "socialist" so far. Think the increased work load is going to lead to an uptick in intellectual output?
It's not just PW, I see it on other message boards and even in the comment sections of Yahoo.
The right of leftist folks all find her entertaining and not the least bit intimidating.
She is running in a district that no Republican has a chance in hell of winning so it is very likely that she will end up as a Representative in the US House.

As for people that try to claim that she isn't a media darling, think about this....
435 US HOR seats are up for grabs. Every seat has at least two candidates. Ms Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gets more national press than all candidates from the other 434 seats combined. The vast majority of that media coverage is positive.
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