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Default Re: Russian Hackers Targeted The Most Vulnerable Part Of U.S. Elections. Again

Originally Posted by saltwn View Post

Trump should have implemented a policy and released funds to states for implementation a long time ago. Instead he's been more concerned with getting himself in trouble over "that Russia thing."
Claire McCaskill who is desperately looking for any straw to save her Senate seat touts phishing attacks as extraordinary proof the Russian boogeyman wants to have her lose. Never mind that phishing attacks are as common as July sunshine in AZ or that the phishing attack on Hillary's campaign director only succeeded because the security consultant carelessly typed "legitimate" when he claims he wanted to type "illegitimate" in response to Podesta's email questioning the suspicious email.

Certainly we ought to fashion our foreign policy to automatically invoke huge penalties when Democrats do something stupid like declare an obvious phishing email valid or violate cardinal security rules like allowing an obvious variation of "password" to be used as a password.

The OP suggests two factor authentication as the protection against phishing attacks a measure that could be implemented right away at little to no cost. Of course the Resistance zealotry must blame Trump for any problem even ones where the root cause is Democrat incompetence.
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