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Default Re: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Originally Posted by Hairy Jello View Post
A catch-all thread for the libs' new poster girl for the Democratic Party.

Watch this vid. You will cringe seein' this loon tryin' to answer q's. Ocasio-Cortez
This is more of a commentary on Fox News than it is on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

You had to love te comment that when a Fox News reporter doesn't have knowledge of a subject that they just make S**t up about it instead of admitting that it isn't a subject that they have knowledge about. Gee, sounds just like Trump that's unquestionably the least informed and most misinformed President in my lifetime.

On the subject of Israeli occupation of Palestinian territory Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was right on even if she didn't know the specifics. The Israeli settlements in the West Bank and E Jerusalem are a violation of Article 49 of the Geneva Conventions that represent war crimes and crimes against humanity by the Israeli government. The World Court, that has jurisdiction over enforcement of international law, issued this opinion on the issue over a decade ago.

When it comes to civil rights demonstrations it was Fox News that falsely claimed that she would follow the leadership of those that riot and destroy property. No, that's not the leadership that any civil rights activist would follow. Organizations like Black Lives Matter, for example, is often condemned by the "right" BLM does not promote violence and are opposed to any violent demonstrations. Civil Rights demonstrations are always lead by non-violent activists. That doesn't prevent violence from occurring but it's certainly not at the direction of the civil rights leaders.

Fox News also created the false equivalency of Argentina and the United States. Democratic "socialism" isn't even socialism because socialism requires the public ownership of the means of production and distribution. We don't have that in the United States. We have privately owned production and distribution networks.

Fox News also misrepresents the regulation of capitalism in the United States. While there are regulations addressing enterprise in the United States we have very limited and inadequate regulation when it comes to protecting the "value" of labor in our economy. Fox News and the political right refer to the "market" when it comes to the value of labor but the market establishes the "price for labor but not the "value of labor" in our capitalistic model. "Price" and "value" are not the same thing. The value is established by the "cost" of providing the labor. The "cost of labor" is the amount in dollars that the worker must spend on mandatory purchases that include rent, food, energy, transportation, health care, etc. for their household. If the employer doesn't provide adequate compensation to cover the "cost of labor" then the government must provide a subsidy to the worker to cover the shortfall in compensation.

Under Capitalism the "price must exceed the cost" or capitalism will fail and government welfare assistance is a subsidy to prevent the failure of capitalism..

Democratic socialists are typically advocates for government subsidies to support capitalism when the "price for labor" is below the "cost of labor" for the workers. Personally I'd rather see regulation that requires the "price" to meet or exceed the "cost" of the labor tp eliminate the subsidies (welfare assistance).

Don't expect a Fox News host to understand the dynamics of capitalism.

On a final note I don't see the "Left" holding up Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as a poster child. She's just one candidate for a single seat in Congress but there are many, many more just like her. It appears to be the "Right" that wants to make Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a poster child for the Left.
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