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Default Trump rebukes Germany, renews push for NATO allies to increase defense spending

The media Resistance shills bray about President Trump criticizing our NATO allies and EU trade partners supposedly in service to his Russian master. Let's see what he actually said.

President Donald Trump on Wednesday reiterated his call for allies to increase their defense spending at the outset of this week’s NATO summit, while sharply criticizing Germany for supporting a major gas deal with Russia.

Speaking at the start of a meeting with Jens Stoltenberg, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s secretary-general, Trump said the U.S. was “spending far too much” on defense. He claimed credit for NATO allies increasing their military spending in the past year, but said: “That’s not nearly enough. I have great confidence that they’ll spend more.”
Huh? NATO deadbeat nations increasing defense spending is the opposite of what Russia wants. That means there is more military capability arrayed against them and the US doesn't have to spread its forces so thinly.

Putin's puppet criticized Germany, the leading NATO deadbeat, for signing a major gas import deal with the Russians. The deal strengthens the Russian economy and makes Germany energy dependent on Russia. In a further show of loyalty to Putin, Trump called upon Germany to cancel the deal with Russia and buy US exported natural gas instead. How could any loyal American support the idea of hurting the Russian economy and helping the American worker? You either agree that Trump's proposals prove Putin has compromising material on Trump or your not on our side.

Naturally the Resistance aligned media only reports the spin that Trump criticized our allies while burying the content of his remarks beneath their smug condemnations. They know the American taxpayers would agree with the NATO countries paying more of their own defense costs and with the Germans switching from Russian energy to US exports. So, the propaganda requires fear mongering about destroying NATO while downplaying or ignoring what Trump actually said.
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