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Default Re: FBI agent Peter Strzok’s hearing has become a ridiculous circus

Originally Posted by GetAClue View Post
It depends upon what the meaning of "is" is.

Only in this case, the meaning of "we". Apparently after having your texts out your bias, those terms come into play. The American public is supposed to believe that when he said that "We will stop him" when referring to the election of Trump, he want's us to believe he was referring to the American voters. Never mind he was heading up an investigation into Trump along with other like minded agents. But somehow he was referring to the entire voting public.

If you believe this, I've got a bridge to sell you.
yes. he texted it in the context of trump having just insulted a gold star family. he didnt think the american people would stand for that.
Trump’s only true skill is the con; his only fundamental belief is that the United States is the birthright of straight, white, Christian men, and his only real, authentic pleasure is in cruelty. It is that cruelty, and the delight it brings them, that binds his most ardent supporters to him, in shared scorn for those they hate and fear: immigrants, black voters, feminists, and treasonous white men who empathize with any of those who would steal their birthright.~Serwer|The Atlantic
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