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Default Re: North Koreans Didn’t Show for Talks About U.S. Soldiers’ Remains, Report Says

Originally Posted by saltwn View Post
I don't think he's stupid. I think he knows exactly what he is doing handing prizes to Putin like these.
At this point its par for the course.

His supporters on the other hand, do they care Trump lied to them about getting back the remains of fallen soldiers?

I mean, they didn't care when he belittled John McCain's service and his time as a POW. And they didn't care that he called dodging STDs as his own personal Vietnam coupled with his history of deferments. And they didn't care when he tried to pick a fight with a Gold Star family of a war hero. And they didn't care when a veteran gave him a Purple Heart and he treated it like a souvenir from Disney World. I could NEVER vote for or a Democrat or Republican with such a character as rancid as his, no matter their views, and nobody came close in the last election. And that's just military.
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