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Default Re: Russian bots are back: #WalkAway attack on Democrats is a likely Kremlin operatio

I'd believe that, if Democrats haven't been doing extremely well thus far this year and have been recruiting strong moderate and progressive candidates across the country. Of course people join and leave parties all the time, but it's not some mass exodus that's going to destroy the Democratic Party. It would be like looking at the Never Trump movement and calling it a total death knell of the GOP.

Also, willing participants doesn't mean it's not a Russian operation. They can #NotABot all day and tell us stories about how they used to be such strong Democrats (Except in a lot of of the FB posts, they weren't, and many were already conservatives and some Libertarian.)until Trump's magic bullsh-t elixir turned them into MAGA Warriors, but I'm not buying it. On top of that PJ Media (lol) is off on the numbers a bit, unless they did decline from 106,000 to 97,000 between when the article was constructed and now.
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