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Default Re: NBC News reporter deletes tweet claiming Trump, Kennedy were in cahoots over Kava

Although completely false the purported "conspiracy" has a logical footing. After all, it is wellknown Kennedy and Trump have had communications

Kavanaugh was a "SAFE" pick for President Trump. Having spent virtually all of his career in Washington DC, he is a member of the swamp Trump promised to drain. That, of course, is somewhat of a disappointment to Trumpster's. But on the other hand, Kavanaugh is more likely than any of the other final four to win the vote of the Senate.

He is well known and well liked by most of the Washington Elites. So those same elites Senators are going to have to look a colleague in the eye and vote yea or nay. I know many believe the Billionaire is dumber than a bag of rocks, but this strategy seems sorta clever to me.

My concern is that Kavanaugh, being from the DC Swamp mentality and conditioning, may well be like Judge Roberts who disappointed conservatives over Obamacare. What we have to remember is that Supreme Court Justices need to be neither left or right but Constitutionalist. That is their stated, and only, mission description.
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