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Default Re: Itís No Accident Americans Are Still Broke in a Booming Economy

Originally Posted by GottaGo View Post
Well, wasn't that a nice bit of Socialistic sunshine.

You do realize: Lower unemployment means people will be paid more in a employer-competitive market.
not any more
used to be that way but when all American wages were lowered in the 80s with the demise of union strength plus Texas, Illinois and Cali housing busts (making harder to say no to lower pay), the system has changed. Also you gotta factor in the bulk of manufacturing is now done in slave wage countries.

No one forces most people to accumulate debt. That is a personal choice, for which only the individual is responsible.
no you can live on the river bank if the county allows it I guess. And walk 10 miles to work. Good luck with that.
They only person responsible for how much someone makes, is the person themselves.
Again if the deck is not stacked against the person just getting into the system or had had set backs, I would agree.

I find it pathetic that people continue to wave the 'income inequality' banner as though some mysterious third party should be responsible for making sure everybody makes enough money to make them comfortable, regardless of skill or market value.
no. highly skilled people still make shiddy wages; depends on area and if they are lucky and can join a strong union.
Like when two car manufacturers came to alabamy and kaintuck and the politicians there said no dice if you are going to allow unions. (because that would raise over all economy-cant have that if you wanna manage a small oligarchy )
Life is not some guaranteed ride - the basis of this country provides people with the opportunity to work towards their goals, not an absolute, and only if they apply themselves to get there.
yeah I'm sure folks who work two jobs and can't make ends meet know that already.
Stop worrying about what someone else makes, or what someone else has. Apply yourself to reach your goals, don't expect them to be handed to you. There are no guarantees in life: hope for the best, plan for the worst.
The government is not your friend.
We don't want it as our enemy which it is right now as far as the American worker is concerned.
prediction Lyanna Mormont shatters the WW dragon just by glaring at it.
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