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Default Re: How should a justice vote?

The President can think and make decisions based on public policy motivations. He get elected every four years.

The Legislature can think and make legislations based on public policy motivations. They seek re-election every two years or six years.

These two branches of the government respond to the public will. Demonstrations outside congress and the White House are appropriate.

However, the SCOTUS should be a sanctum of Constitutional law influence only by the words and intent of the original construction of the compact. It I amendable but can never be malleable. Or it becomes no more a binding contract than a bill of sale with a handshake at a gravel car lot.

The SCOTUS should never see, much less respond or respect, a citizen demonstration on their doorstep. Any such action should be entirely ignored by the Justices in their deliberations. Sterile deliberations that should focus only on the law itself. No politics, gender, race or moral bias.
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