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Default Re: Is It Time for Democrats to Fight Dirty?

Senate Democrats dispensed with the filibuster and delay the confirmation process for Trump appointees out of partisan spite. But now we are told it was a great injustice not to confirm President Obama's nominee to the SCOTUS but now we ought to do the same with President Trump.

President Obama was fond of crowing about his election victories, from declaring "I won!" to end negotiations with Republicans over the stimulus pork barrel spending to lecturing Republicans that they first needed to win elections to have their policies considered as part of his victory dance after support for the government shutdown collapsed. Harry Reid was far worse he ignored more than 60 Obamacare reform Bill's passed by the House, engaged in procedural tactics to block any amendments to bill before releasing them to the floor, blocked consideration of a budget and debt management measures, and openly bragged about using the Senate floor to launch false attacks on Republicans. But Republicans should be enjoined by so-called precedent from exercising any prerogative of their election victories.
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