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Default U.S. Opposition to Breast-Feeding Resolution Stuns World Health Officials

I'm not exactly clear on why the US is declining to participate in a 'resolution', but I also don't see why it is so horrifying to other countries.

IMO, once again, it's a matter of choice. A government 'promoting' something doesn't do diddly squat other than telling those who are too dense to think for themselves, what they should be doing. Once the government gets involved in 'supporting, protecting and promoting' means that they are one step away from 'requiring'.

As it stands now, women who want to breastfeed, will. Those who choose not to, or for whatever reason, can't, won't. This does not require government involvement.

I did find this statement of interest:
Washington is the single largest contributor to the health organization, providing $845 million, or roughly 15 percent of its budget, last year.
Something tells me that is actually the reason for their panic...
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