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Default Re: Amazon Alexa Bulit in SJW Bias

Originally Posted by saltwn View Post
too long for the device.
It's not "to long", many of it's other answers where longer than most of the dictionary replies.

Originally Posted by saltwn View Post
...many question his birth or existence at all. Like climate change deniers imho.
"many question"?
Not the established historians.
Btw, does Alexa quote climate change deniers when answering "climate change" questions? I suspect the answer is a HARD no.
If you want to defend it as going with the "mainstream" then it should have NEVER have said Jesus was a "fictional character". That's not the view of accepted mainstream historians. There's more historical evidence for Jesus than for Alexander the Great. The "fictional Character" view is more like the views of flat-earthers, alien advocates, village atheist.... and SJWs.
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