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Default Re: The Identity Of D.B. Cooper Has Possibly Been Confirmed Using A Decoded Confessio

Famed hijacker D.B. Cooper ID'd as Vietnam vet


His name is Robert Rackstraw, now 74, a Vietnam special forces veteran who lives in San Diego.

“Rackstraw is a narcissistic sociopath who never thought he would be caught,” he said.

see ALSO:

San Diego man accused of being D.B. Cooper: A life ruined or case solved?

​After Rackstraw dodges 6 months of interview requests, Colbert sends a surveillance and camera crew to San Diego. When subject spots them, he hides in shipping container for an hour
Today, 46 years after that Thanksgiving-eve skydive, three facts about the identity of D.B. Cooper are true:

1. A team of 40 volunteer sleuths (two dozen of them former federal lawmen) has named Robert W. Rackstraw Sr. of San Diego as the person they believe to be the fugitive.

2. The actual FBI closed the case July 11, 2016 without reaching any conclusion.

3. Rackstraw has offered strange denials that raise more questions than they answer.
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