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Default Re: 10 worst Presidents: Besides Trump, who do scholars scorn the most?

Originally Posted by saltwn View Post
No he damaged the first amendment, not to mention the ninth commandment.

The Fairness rule was put in place by the FCC specifically to combat propaganda and to edify the consumer/owner of the airwaves. Challenged twice and made it to the SC twice, it was upheld by 2 different courts. One of them wrote it was beneficial to citizens.

Reagan was lobbied heavily to strike it down and he did. Since then propaganda has seeped in to America society more and more every year.
Have you read the first amendment? Freedom of speech also applies to not being forced to promote speech you disagree with. Today's SCOTUS, where the majority have better reading comprehension and less activist tendencies, The fairness doctrine would go down in flames. Fortunately today, not even the majority of liberals in congress would try to foist that garbage on the populace, so we don't have to waste time taking it to court.

As for the "ninth commandment" I'm not sure what you think Reagan did or what it would have to do with governing.

look at all his executive orders and if they rescind a previous one, look that up too. it will make you sick.
I don't know of any Reagan EO's that would "make me sick". Since you are making the accusation, why don't you post a few Reagan EO's that you feel should make one "sick".
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