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Default Re: 10 worst Presidents: Besides Trump, who do scholars scorn the most?

Originally Posted by Dave1 View Post
Donald has divided more than Obama did so far.....

President Twitter hates those who don't like him or didn't vote for him, daily.....

Trump has even divided his own party, he hates them too.....
The lib's began dividing this country when Bush 43 was elected. They were ticked off that a Republican was in office and fought him at every turn. Then when Obama was elected, he attempted to divide this country along racial lines and was pretty successful.

The election of Trump was the result of these divisive actions. The difference is that Bush and Republicans tried to go along to get along. Trump isn't afraid to throw the divisive rhetoric right back at them. The left isn't used to someone on the right standing up to them and see's that as the problem when it fact it is just the right saying they've had enough.
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