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Post Re: Gay adoption fight looms after Supreme Court's cake ruling

Originally Posted by mr wonder View Post
de'javu ...we've done this before... who's on 1st?.. 3rd base.
And you still aren't answering the questions...

Originally Posted by mr wonder View Post
If they wanted to be exempt from some percentage of taxes, Or have that portion diverted, I'd be fine with it.
even though i don't consider it "discrimination". and again they would be harming orphans becasue they can't have their way. But OK fine.
As long as I, as a Christian, can opt out tax wise of everything I find offensive that the state funds as well.
Don't consider it "discrimination" is like saying the grass is blue or the sky is green.
It IS discrimination. It's just discrimination you approve of, which doesn't stop it from being discrimination on an area that is protected by the 14th amendment.

Originally Posted by mr wonder View Post
Because Biblically speaking homosexuals are not "perfectly good parents".
The bible says a lot of crap that modern science has debunked.
It endorsed slavery.
It endorsed misogyny.
It endorsed genocide.

Originally Posted by mr wonder View Post
Just as bible condemns and discourages alcoholism and a Chrisitian org would not knowingly adopt children out to known alcoholics ...who are otherwise good people... they can not in good conscience adopt to practicing homosexuals.
Except we can document the harms from alcoholism.
The state acknowledges that and recognizes the harm to children from alcoholism.
The same is not true of homosexuality.

I personally feel that it should be more up to the child in such situations.
If the orphan doesn't want to be adopted by a gay parent, then they shouldn't be.
Do you feel that personal religious choices should keep a child who would be fine with having a gay parent should keep that child from being adopted by a gay parent?
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