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Default Re: Gay adoption fight looms after Supreme Court's cake ruling

Originally Posted by mr wonder View Post
Should come down to "Religious groups". Religious protection and exemptions.
When the state is required to treat people equally, why should they fund organizations that defy that rule?

Originally Posted by mr wonder View Post
States help fund various religious orgs benevolent community assistance programs. helping orphaned children is just one.
And they will continue to do so.
As long as those organizations treat people equally.

Originally Posted by mr wonder View Post
the financial aid doesn't mean all policies and practices of all assistance groups funded are "state sanctioned" but that they are allowed the freedom of honoring religious distinctives in their work.
And they are continued to do so as long as they don't violate some basic tenets.

Originally Posted by mr wonder View Post
I know that's a concepts that sets some people's hair on fire who simply want everyone to bow to their "modern" view of the world.

No. You simply just do not get government funding for it.
You don't have to "bow" to anything, as long as you're willing to discriminate on your own dime

Maybe a better question for you is why should gays pay taxes that go to fund organizations that discriminate against them?

Originally Posted by mr wonder View Post
But if they were truly tolerant and had more concern for the majority of orphans than they do for their own desires here, then they'd back off the Religious orgs larger attempts to help.
What I find hilarious about your approach is how one-sided it is.
You want to chastise the government for not funding a discriminating group, but you fail to question why the group in question prizes the discrimination above the orphans.
Why do some Christians feel obligated to force some orphans to remain orphans rather than allow them to be adopted by perfectly good parents?
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