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Default Re: 10 worst Presidents: Besides Trump, who do scholars scorn the most?

I don't think we've had a president in a long time that has so flagrantly degraded the office he holds as Donald Trump. One of my biggest concerns is the seemingly rapid decline in our status as a global leader. Under him we left TPP, left the Paris Climate Accords, left the Iran nuclear deal, left the UN Human Rights Council, threatened individual American businesses over Twitter, repeatedly attacked our closest allies and started a trade war, and cozied up to authoritarians like Kim Jong-Un, Putin, and Duterte.

Hell, Trump has praised Kim over and over again for how he runs his country and people. Except that the guy is a brutal dictator that puts his countrymen into labor camps for even the smallest infractions against his authoritarian State.

I remember when cnredd said that Obama would make enemies of our friends and friends of our enemies. He was right, just was off by one president.

Easily the worst president in my lifetime.
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