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Default Re: 10 worst Presidents: Besides Trump, who do scholars scorn the most?

I didn't wade through the entire cesspool posing as a scholarly survey but I did find evidence of how it was rigged to produce results that made the Wapo consider it newsworthy.

Only about half of the so-called scholars invited to participate responded, some more than once. The makeup of the respondents as described in the survey.

There is more interesting variation when we move our comparison to the different
partisan and ideological groups within the 2018 survey. In order to identify these groups, we
asked respondents two questions. The first asked which political party the respondent
considered themselves a part of. The results showed that 57.2% (95/166) of respondents were
Democrats, while 12.7% were Republicans (21/166), 27.1% were Independents (45/166), and
3% (5/166) selected Other as their option. The second question asked whether the respondent
ideologically considered themselves to be liberal, somewhat liberal, moderate, somewhat
conservative, or conservative. The results of this question showed that 32.5% (54/166) consider
themselves ideologically liberal, while 25.9% (43/166) consider themselves somewhat liberal,
and 24.1% consider themselves moderate (40/166). Only 5.4% (9/166) consider themselves
ideologically conservative, while 12% (20/166) say they are somewhat conservative.
Turns out 57% of respondents self identified as Democrats which explains the reflexive condemnation of Trump as the very worst President after less than 2 years in office. But hey, any smear of Trump is music to the collective ear of the Wapo.
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