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Default Re: Pruitt seeks to limit EPA's authority to block water pollution permits

Originally Posted by saltwn View Post
um I think water pollution was a big to do on the list in the 60s. passed some laws then and later. long before the black guy. but you hate who you want and love who you will. be you.
You're right, it was a big thing in the 60's. But I have some news for you, it is now 2018 and there have been a lot of laws and regulations passed that have cleaned up the water supply in this country. That is a good thing.

However, under the Obama admin, the EPA began creating excessive regulations on anything having to do with water, declaring things like mud puddles protected under the clean water act. I think it is about time that someone stepped up and reviewed these regulations and applied some common sense. That doesn't mean that I believe we should dismantle the EPA, just take a look to see if some of the regulations have gone too far.
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