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Default 10 worst Presidents: Besides Trump, who do scholars scorn the most?

Dead last. That’s where a group of presidential scholars placed Donald Trump in the pantheon of American presidents.
The last time the Presidents & Executive Politics Presidential Greatness survey was conducted four years ago, the bottom 10 — sans Trump — looked pretty much the same, with some minor reshuffling within their inglorious grouping.
History has been kind to only one of them — recent history, at that. This year, the 170 members of the American Political Science Association’s Presidents and Executive Politics section voted George W. Bush out of that worst-of-the-worst group, boosting him from number 35 to number 30.
#35 — Zachary Taylor
Taylor, known as “Old Rough and Ready,” earned his low ranking for some of the very things that once made him popular. The country’s 12th president was a war hero who served in the military for four decades, from the War of 1812 to the Mexican War. A political outsider, the first election he voted in was the one he won in 1848. He was a popular president in his time. He owned plantations and slaves, but fought hard to get the western territories admitted as free states to keep the nation united. His pro-union, antislavery rhetoric was initially modeled by Abraham Lincoln (who always scores first place in this survey). But his personal lack of conviction on the issue (he owned 83 slaves) and campaigns against the Seminole and Chippewa make him look amoral in the rearview mirror. He died in office, days after getting a stomach virus from eating raw vegetables and a bowl of cherries. (And no, he wasn’t poisoned. His body was exhumed in 1991 to test that conspiracy theory).
#36 — Herbert Hoover
Hoover was so loathed that he got an entire scene in the musical “Annie,” making fun of his legacy. Perhaps our 31st president got a raw deal when he took office in 1929 and the stock market crashed seven months later. But even if America was willing to blame the previous administration for the conditions that led up to the Great Depression, it was Hoover who presided over it and failed to end it. Millions of Americans lost homes and jobs. Shantytowns of the homeless — called Hoovervilles — spread across the nation. A Quaker and humanitarian in his younger days, Hoover repeatedly quashed programs that would bring food and shelter — humanitarian relief — to desperate Americans. Heartless Hoover said he withheld help because he didn’t want to endanger capitalism. “Prosperity cannot be restored by raids upon the public Treasury,” he explained in his 1930 State of the Union address.
#37 — John Tyler...

#43 — James Buchanan
#44 — Donald Trump...Click here to read aboutthe deeds of the bottom of the barrel according to historians

Who do you think was/is the worst President so far?
Tell us why.

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