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Default Re: The Truth about Separating Kids

Originally Posted by ShivaTD View Post
If the Trump administration was following our immigration laws then those seeking asylum would have their application processed at the US Port of Entry when they arrived but the Trump administration only allows a handful of those showing up to actually apply. The backlog of those seeking to apply for asylum, because they're not being allowed to at the US Port of Entry, has ballooned into the thousands. They're literally being forced away because Trump refuses to enforce the law by providing the application and allowing the lawful entry under our immigration laws.

So those turned away have another lawful means for applying for asylum. All they have to do is be physically in the United States and then they can lawfully apply for asylum that grants them the right to be in the United States. The law providing for asylum explicitly establishes that how they manage to be in the United States, by lawful entry or unlawfully crossing the borders, doesn't matter because the application for asylum grants them the right to be in the United States and prevents their deportation at least until their application is processed through our legal system.

So why is Jeff Sessions and Donald Trump having the these people arrested as opposed to providing them with Form I-589, Application for Asylum and for Withholding of Removal, when they express their intent in filing for asylum? The filing of Form I-589 immediately grants the applicant legal status to be in the United States making the charge of "unlawful entry" a moot point of law. If permanent residence status is eventually granted based upon asylum the charge of unlawful entry is dismissed by the court.

Donald Trump created this crisis, not the law, and the resolution is easy and far less costly than what's going on. Staff every Port of Entry with enough people to process the applications of Form I-589 and let the asylum seekers lawfully enter the United States in compliance with our law.

There's only one reason President Trump refuses to comply with this law that allows lawful entry for those seeking asylum and he's voiced his reason at his rallies.

"SEND THEM ALL BACK" is Trump's reason. These are Hispanic refugees that if Trump follows the law become lawful immigrants that Trump tells his followers (lawful Hispanic) immigrants are "infesting" the United States.

Trump isn't following the law because he hates "Mexicans" (Hispanics) so he's refusing to allow them to lawfully be in the United States based upon an application for asylum.

Fix the Problem - Make Trump follow the law that allows entry for asylum seekers.
WRONG! The law is clear that those that seek asylum do so either at a US embassy or consulate, or at a port of entry. Those people are then processed without charges begin filed.

The law does however state that if you are caught crossing the border illegally without a legal right to do so, you are now here illegally and are subject to prosecution. It is then too late to claim asylum, as that should have been done via the proper process.

The difference between the Obama policies and the Trump policies is that Trump insists that the Boarder Patrol enforce ALL of the laws, not just the ones he agrees with like Obama did.

I dumb'd it down for you as you seem to be incapable of comprehension skills necessary to understand what has been said to you many times in the past.
To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead - Thomas Paine

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