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Default Re: Constitutional Amendment?

Originally Posted by foundit66 View Post
You have been chosen by a random lottery to be the only person to get a once in a lifetime opportunity to make up one brand new constitutional amendment that gets added to the constitution immediately.

What do you add?
It would be an amendment reaffirming the 2nd amendment.It would ban permit/license requirements and waiting periods for any kind of firearms. Citizens will be allowed to carry handguns and rifles anywhere that law enforcement and military are allowed to carry them without a license or permit. It will also prevent bans on magazine sizes,magazine fed semiautomatic and automatic weapons. It will prevent citizens from being forced to get smart guns. It will allow citizens to use what ever handheld handguns and rifles local and federal law enforcement agencies and military are allowed to use just in case a new type of handheld gun or rifle is invented. Basically this would uphold and clarify the intent of the 2nd amendment which is for citizens to be able to defend this country against invasions and a tyrannical government.Which in order to do that citizens need adequate weapons to be able to do that and do not need government permission to be able to buy,keep and or carry handguns,shotguns, and rifles that local and federal law enforcement and military uses.
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