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Default Re: Conspiracy Theory Proven Fact Walmart Converted to Detention Center

Originally Posted by mr wonder View Post
"...'private' property..."?
A Gov't facility
"...proper requests..."
Request? to what authority? a private contractor working for the American public, whose reps are congress.
...follow the rules....
rules made by who exactly? the private contractor? which is subject to the laws made by congress since they are working for the gov't.
Or were the rules made by the congress?
Or were the rules made by ICE or another executive agency? whose authority comes from congress.
Any way you cut it a senator is in a position of authority.
And the "the rules" should have never been construed to block gov't officials especially congress. I suspect the President wouldn't be subject to "the rules" and his authority over immigration is subject to congressional authority as well.

It creeps me out to see people on the right promote ANY rules as legit as long as some rent-a-cop or LEO references it. "just followin' orders".

sheesh, "he was ALLOWED to visit after he..." that's pure D, BS.
bottom line the rent-a-cops CIA contractors where wrong. and are still wrong.
The White House is also government property. Try entering there without permission. And for the record, I believe the building is being rented by the government so yes the property is private> At least in the sense that it is not a "public access" building. You know like most "detention" centers.

You cross your own logic when you then exhibit that the facility is run by a private contractor. Therefore it is a private property. And that was the basis of my statement.

As for creepy, is amuses me that the left continues to use laws and lawyers to remove rights from citizens every day. The right to bear arms, the right of free association, the right to expect equal justice. Yet, when the so-called "right" wants the laws of the land enforced, they are accused of being "Creepy" and Mean spirited.

It is sad that American citizens are separated from their children when they are arrested for breaking our laws. A drug using mom loses the right to be with her own child. What is the reasoning for that policy? And why should foreigners who have broken our laws have treatment any different. Why not have equal justice there as well.

If you come here to America un-invited you are no different than the Senator who came uninvited. At the very least it is rude. And actually illegal trespass. Why do we have laws on the books if it is not just? And why do you think we should make exceptions for those whom we have told,,,; "DON'T COME?"
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