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Default Re: Trump admin says Trump can profit from foreign hotel guests

Originally Posted by mr wonder View Post
Sure, they just wanted hotel rooms then.
but NOW the owner is the president so instead of choosing randomly from many high end hotels they have a choice to get a hotel AND to buy favor from the most powerful gov't official in the world.
I'm not so sure why that's a crazy concept.

If you're a local real estate developer and building contractor, and you've been buying tools and supplies from 7 different suppliers simply on service, quality and price, But one day one the of the supply stores owners becomes the Mayor and his kids the building inspectors. Suddenly, buying ALL your stuff from their store potentially has FAR more value.

it's not crazy or new, it's buying influence and access 101... or corporate/gov't corruption 101.
If foreign dignitaries were all of a sudden renting exclusively from Trump if similar accommodations are available in the area for a cheaper price, you may have somewhat of an argument. (There are still other things to consider such as proximity to the location you will be doing business at, availability, etc.)

What kills me is thinking that a guy worth billions of dollars would jeopardize his election for the prospects of his company making a few thousand dollars. That is ludicrous on it's face.
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