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Default Re: Iran To Begin Uranium Enrichment If Nuclear Deal Falls Through

Originally Posted by ShivaTD View Post

Absolute BS.

The IAEA has the most extensive inspection program in place that's ever existed in history in Iran. The IAEA, under the agreement, has access to any place in Iran where any suspected violations could occur. The IAEA has certified compliance by Iran because the IAEA has the inspectors in place to verify compliance by Iran with the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) has been working perfectly in removing highly enriched (20%) uranium and closing down those centrifuges that produce this enriched uranium.

Iran was actually in compliance because it was beneficial economically for Iran to comply with the agreement. The UN Security Council got what it wanted (a verifiable means to ensure the end to the possibility of Iran producing a nuclear weapon) and Iran got what it wanted (lifting of sanctions against Iran that released frozen Iranian assets and allowing Iran to access international markets).

That's how diplomacy works. It creates a win-win situation where both sides want to comply with the negotiated agreement.

Even most of the initial opponents to the PCPOA have since admitted that it's working in preventing Iran from being able to produce a nuclear weapons.
Another false claim.

The inspections are limited to a specific set of sites designated in the agreement. Want to look elsewhere? Evidence must be compiled then presented to the supreme council as a petition. The ayatollahs have 24 days to respond but the process can drag on for months allowing the Iranians plenty of time to hide the evidence. In addition the Iranians have a number of so-called military sensitive sites which they have exempted from inspections.

I am not familiar with every IAEA inspection regime as you must be to claim the Iranian inspections are the most extensive in history. Perhaps you could provide evidence to back this claim? The multiple gaping holes that allow the Iranians to easily evade detection reveals the gross inadequacy of the inspections, if it's the best ever then the IAEA operates on a very low bar.

Trump ran on abrogating the Iran agreements. Anything approaching a reasonable evaluation of the agreement shows he was right.
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