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Default Re: President Trump Meets Kim Jong Un - North Korea Summit In Singapore

I like President Trump; and I really thought that he would get the better of Kim Kong Un.

But I will have to say that I am a bit disappointed.

True, we did get the remains of servicemen from about 65 years ago. And we also got the cessation of North Korean testing of nuclear weapons.

But there is an old saying: One simply does not reward bad behavior. No exceptions.

To sell out South Korea, as we did--President Trump even described our war games with them as "provocative"--was, in effect, a reward to North Korea for ceasing its bad behavior.

My own preferred carrot-and-stick approach would have been as follows:

"By giving up your nuclear weapons, you can begin trading with the US and other developed nations.

"By giving up your nukes, you can have your regime's continued existence assured.

"And by giving up your nukes, you will obviate the possibility--no, the very strong probability--that a missile will soon land in your own living room."

And I would have meant it.

Every word of it.
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