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Default Re: Trump Campaign Guilty of Collusion (Conspiracy)

Originally Posted by ShivaTD View Post
Being guilty of committing a crime and being convicted of committing a crime are not the same thing. A "Not Guilty" verdict from a jury is not a declaration of innocence under the laws of the United States. We can also note that criminal guilt (conviction) doesn't always reflect that the person is guilty of committing the crime either. There have been enough exonerations of wrongfully convicted persons to establish that as a fact.

The evidence of a conspiracy between members of the Trump campaign and the Russians is substantial but we have yet to see the criminal indictments and the successful prosecution where "admissible evidence" establishes "guilt beyond a reasonable doubt" but most of us are confident that the Mueller investigation has that evidence based upon what we know from outside of the Mueller investigation.

One of the greatest problems currently are people that keep claiming that Mueller's investigation hasn't produced any evidence of "collusion" (conspiracy) between the Trump campaign and the Russians. What the Mueller investigators have found in the way of evidence is a closely guarded secret. There have been no leaks from the investigation so any claims of what Mueller's team has uncovered are inherently wrong. We can make logical deductions based upon Mueller's court filings but those are logical deductions that establish that the evidence exists as opposed to actually being able to prove that the evidence exists.

Just following the Paul Manafort connections with Putin establishes the line of communication between the Trump campaign and Putin and the claims of one of Manafort's top executives (Konstantin Kilimnik), a former Russian intelligence officer that has always been in contact with (Putin's) Russian intelligence services and Putin oligarchs, that he was instrumental in Manafort's changing the Republican Party Platform on Russia provides enough evidence of a conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Putin's Russia even if Trump was completely unaware of it (Trump unaware of it? Doubtful to say the least.).

The Mueller indictment alleging that Manafort conspired with Konstantin Kilimnik in witness tampering in 2018 and Kilimnik's claims he was responsible for the change in the Republican Party Platform on Russia provides grounds to logical conclude that Manafort and Kilimnik did conspire in 2016 for the benefit of Putin to make that change in the party platform. I don't know how any other logical conclusion can be made given what we know.
"Being guilty of committing a crime and being convicted of committing a crime are not the same thing. " Oops, just blew Hillary's email server criminal conspiracy defenders out of the water. Then FBI director James Comey testified the investigation had shown plenty of criminal activity. It follows that using this standard Hillary is guilty of serious felony charges.

You are confident Mueller has the evidence to prove a conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia despite the fact his investigation hasn't produced evidence or any charges of the conspiracy. It's a classic claim of the zealot.

Since the beginning the Trump Russia conspiracy narrative has relied on so-called secret evidence, any holes will be filled in, trust us. Never mind that Mueller's investigation, a Senate and House committee, as well as a rabid media continuously howling for Trump's destruction have failed to produce evidence, ya gotta believe.
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