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Default Re: Trump Campaign Guilty of Collusion (Conspiracy)

Originally Posted by mr wonder View Post
And those emails (that forensic show and wikileaks confirms were stolen/leaked from the source) showed that who exactly conspired to rig an election?
We know how the accounts were hacked and the emails were stolen.

Those emails were provided to Russian intelligence that almost immediately, through an intermediary, notified the Trump campaign of their existence (April 26, 2016 meeting with George Papadopoulos).

Russian intelligence, once again using intermediaries, notified the Trump campaign (Donald Trump Jr,) that they wanted to furnish those DNC/Clinton Campaign emails for use by the Trump campaign. The release of those emails was negotiated on June 9, 2016 between Manafort, Kushner, and Trump Jr. with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya and that Putin wanted the US sanctions lifted against Russia that had been imposed by the Obama Administration when Russia invaded the Crimea. Those sanctions had resulted in the Russian response of suspending an adoption program that Trump Sr. dictated in a memo (for Trump Jr.) the meeting was about to cover up the real purpose of the meeting.

We don't have public knowledge of what actual terms were negotiated between the Trump campaign and (Putin's) Russian intelligence at the Trump Tower meeting (or thereafter) but we do know that something agreeable to Putin was achieved because Russian intelligence began feeding those emails to WikiLeaks that began publishing them on July 22, 2016, less than two weeks after the Trump Tower meeting.

Putin didn't help the Trump campaign by furnishing the DNC/Clinton campaign emails to WikiLeaks out of the goodness in his heart. Vladimir Putin doesn't do anything out of the goodness of his heart because there is no goodness in Putin's heart. Putin knew the emails would be very valuable to the Trump campaign and he used that value to secure as much as possible from Donald Trump.

There's also some evidence supporting the intelligence that Michael Cohen, Trump's "Fixit man" with a financial slush fund, went to Prague to pay for the hacking of the emails. Cohen denied going to Prague showing that his passport wasn't stamped but its been reported that Cohen's trip was by train from Germany to Prague during the time period the intelligence provided and where a passport isn't stamped.
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