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Default Re: Immigration agents arrest 114 at Ohio landscaper

Originally Posted by Schochite View Post
As illegal immigration over the last few decades increased a great many jobs that used to be considered transitional work became supplanted by illegals taking lower pay than their American counterparts. This is just a fact.

While it is also a fact that the employers hiring the illegals share blame in this situation stories like the one this thread is about make it hard for anybody to claim this particular problem has not been occurring in the landscaping industry for decades.

I'm curious to see you explain your latest BS claim about the farmers with "vast tracts of land" that are hiding out and supporting illegal aliens. How are these farmers supporting illegal aliens who are supposedly hiding out on their farms? Aside from the depths of your imagination, got anything credible from something approaching a reliable source to provide a scintilla of evidence to back up your ridiculous assertion? Because like FranSevin I call BS.

Why would an illegal alien want to "hide out" on farm lands? There is only work there less than half the year, the crop picking work force is heavily scrutinized by the government and immigration services so a farm operation is probably one of the last places an illegal alien would want to go. Much less live and try to make a living at. And they tend to go where they can get work, in Texas that tends to be cities and towns, not vast stretches of farm land where they would have to live like pioneers. And avoid the farmers that own the land who after all don't care too much for squatters.
illegal immigration took off with reagan then bush amnesty and decreased under obama
right now there are fighting drug cartels. Refugees from that are asking for safe harbor only to be crapped on by the trump usa.

the second part of your question: they have housing and sustenance. the overseers have quite nice housing with a washer and dryer as part of their deal with the cotton, rice, or whathaveyou grower. usually the workers dont fare that well but evidently its better than where they came from
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