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Default Re: Trumpís Justice Department Refuses To Defend Obamacare In Court

Originally Posted by saltwn View Post
ever think that with one worker out of commission and the other possibly having to take days off to assist her, that leaves little for higher premiums?
looks like you are only interested in fairness to the insurance company, not the consumer.
I've been for single payer since before obama care. hopefully one day we will wake up and smell the coffee on that one.
btw I HAD insurance when I was operated on in 2007 and my insurance did not pay. Why? A preexisting condition. so slippery slope back to any excuse not to cover.
If they got rid of all health insurance companies tomorrow it would suit me fine.
You are only looking at the impact on people with preexisting conditions ignoring the vast majority that must pay skyrocketing premiums to subsidize them. Thanks to the individual mandate everyone was subject to paying what amounts to a hidden tax.

You claim the insurance company wouldn't pay for your surgery due to a pre existing condition. This is typically a failure to disclose the condition prior to purchase. If that's not the case, sue.

After her cancer diagnosis Barack Obama helped his mother attempt to defraud the insurance company to obtain disability payments. No wonder Obamacare facilitates this type of scam with the preexisting conditions proviso.

If Democrats were truly interested in Obamacare reform they would join in with the effort to find alternatives to the preexisting conditions price controls such as allowing group insurance or creating high risk pools. But no, their interest is simply in partisan attacks.
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