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Default Re: Immigration agents arrest 114 at Ohio landscaper

Originally Posted by Schochite View Post
Snowflake Americans don't do any labor, much less hard labor. But lots of teenagers and young people looking for transitional work (perhaps while in school) and older unskilled Americans might appreciate getting a shot at jobs such as these, that illegal aliens long ago took from them. Of course for the same reason those jobs don't pay what they used to, ya know owing to how cheap illegal aliens will work. Obviously to your rather short sighted cheers.
snowflake is it,

I beg to differ with you on the above statements you made. Illegals never tok jobs period. It was accepted that workers would come across our boarder during the harvest seasons.

Also the pay is bad because as usual the employers beat the system set hours and pay.. Over charge for housing (which is crap with out running water in many cases.) food basics etc....


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